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 The world of Dante6 is built upon strong, inclusive and empowering friendships between women. We make luxury approachable by creating wear-forever essentials to love and to hold.

A woman’s style is an ever-changing process; you are not the same person you were yesterday let alone last year. Whatever you are wearing, it adds a confidence and flavour to the way you move through your day. We offer a world in which women will always be able to identify with the various styles within our collection. We give her the confidence to embrace her identity and the freedom to express herself how she wishes.

Dante6 was founded in 2009 by Creative Director Evelyne Brekelmans who forms a powerful duo with her business partner, Managing Director Arlette Huisman.

- We Are All Women –

Mos Mosh Bine Leia Blazer Tan
2.299 SEK
Mos Mosh Bai Leia Pant Olive Night
1.199 SEK
Mos Mosh Kit Ss Tee Olive Night
649 SEK
Mos Mosh Bine Leia Blazer Olive Night
2.299 SEK
Mos Mosh Thora Long Cardigan Ecru
1.699 SEK
MOS MOSH Sarah Leather Legging Tan
4.299 SEK
Mos Mosh Enola Fancy Shirt Birch
1.599 SEK
Mos Mosh Bai Leia Pant Coral Reef
1.199 SEK
Mos Mosh Bine Leia Blazer Coral Reef
2.299 SEK
Mos Mosh Naomi Sansa Jeans
1.599 SEK
Mos Mosh Sinah One Jacket
3.099 SEK
Mos Mosh Naomi Ida Bold Jeans
1.599 SEK


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