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Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer MillaMi

Deliveries are made from the shop on Götabergsgatan 26 in Gothenburg with a delivery time of 1-3 days. Would you as a customer want to switch a product/size, you  simply place a new order and send the item you want to swap in return. After a few years, we have come to the conclusion that this is the fastest and most convenient approach.

Buy & Delivery

Our ambition is to make a buying process with us as easy and safe as possible and therefore use the following criteria. If you have comments or suggestions for alternatives and solutions, please mail us so we can share them and get even better.


Shipping fee is only 49 SEK within Sweden. Shipping fee can be changed during sale periods, and certain special offers, but then we inform clearly about it first. Shipping to countries other than Sweden, we follow a so-called weight tariff, ie you pay a shipping fee depends on the weight of the package. See your current cost at checkout when you place your order. We use Posten / PostNord as delivery partners.


Free returns at the store on Götabergsgatan 26 in Gothenburg!

Of course you should be satisfied with your order. Sometimes the garment for example does not fit or that you repented. Then you obviously return, we follow distance agreement where you have 14 days cancellation period. The product may then not be used and must be returned with original packaging and packing. Return shipping cost is 49 SEK. The fee for the return adjusted invoice / card payments at the destruction process. Our processing operations following the receipt of the return is normally 3-5 business days, at peak times, it can sometimes take a few days longer. Note that MillaMi.com by law have 30 days to complete a refund for the return / complaint.

You then pay only for

  •  shipping fee 49 SEK
  • the goods you have chosen to keep.
  • return shipping cost 49 SEK
  • invoice fee Klarna.

If you choose to return the entire order so you pay the shipping fee is SEK 49, and the return shipping 49 SEK total of SEK 98 and the delivery / return cost will remain on the invoice or set off on crediting to your card. Simple right!

Return that occurs to the cards that are issued to banks abroad is done with the current date. The differential can then occur but there is nothing we can influence.


Mail us at info@millami.com in the subject line, type your return and your order number. For exampel "Returning 1234567" Write a short message to us about the reason for the return so we can get better at what we do.
We then respond with a returnform that you print and paste / taping on the package, it leaves you in the nearest Post Attorneys. Of course!
When we receive the return, we will cancel any invoices or credit purchase back on your card. As usual, the bank also its three business days before the money is mostly over. You will receive a new invoice from Klarna if you select the payment method that demonstrates that you have only returned the charge left to pay, alternative to the invoice is totally debased. Have you paid online by credit card we will email you the details for crediting.

Good to know
Please send in the same carton / bag you received the delivery, otherwise the pack in as well as you can! Shoes must be returned with its original packaging and packaged into protective outer embalage. You are responsible for the package until we get it. A return takes about 1-3 business days to complete.


If you wish to exchange an item for another, you do so easily by adding a new order for the item you wish to change, and make a return of the item you want to send back. This is because we want to assure you that you will get your goods before any runs out of inventory.

Good to know
The new purchase receipt not that old, but it is treated as a new order as this is the easiest way. Your return cancels obviously we as usual as soon as we receive your package. Choose therefore like Klarna as the payment method that is never out of money!


With us you can choose the following payment methods

  • Online Payment
    Your card number and expiration date are sent encrypted to Dibs who accepts or gives rejection. We make a name and address verification. Names and addresses must be identical to the card issuer's records. The card is personal and you can not act, for example, your spouse's card or cards that are registered on the company. We accept most common types of card issued at Swedish banks. When purchasing cards abroad be deducted after today's currency.
  • Klarna invoice
    "We at Klarna think that e-commerce is the best there is. But we also think that trading online can be even a little bit better, and above all much safer, simpler and more fun. Especially for those acts. Therefore, we have developed simple , safer and more enjoyable payment method that works completely on your terms.

    Whichever option you choose, you always get the goods first and pay later. This way you are sure that you pay for what you actually ordered. Also, you never give out sensitive information such as card number when you shop with Klarna.
    With Klarna, you can shop wherever you like, whenever you like. To make a purchase, use namely only information that you always carry with you and can rote. That way you will not have boxes, cumbersome registration process and to log on. " 

  • Giftcard
    Have you received a gift card from a wonderful soul in your life, it's very easy to pay with it. At checkout, there is a box where you enter the code on the card. You do not need to use the entire sum at once, but the amount of the purchase will be deducted from the amount of the gift card until it is finished. In the current situation, it is unfortunately not combine with Klarna for example, you would want to buy something more expensive than the gift card is on. Choose instead to direct payment function cards.
  • Bankgiro
    If you want to use a regular bank deposit to pay your order so it is fine. Contact us first to info@millami.com. Fee SEK 49.
  • Collect and pay in the store MillaMi, Götabergsgatan 26 Gothenburg. Shop the one you want on our web shop and choose which payment options pick up and pay in store. Then we reserve the goods max to closing the next day we are open. Inform us by email (info@millami.com) if you want to get the goods lying anymore, or help us and send an email if you want to cancel your order so we can work more quickly, thanks!

    Opening hours Götabergsgatan 26, Gothenburg
    Weekdays 12-18, Saturdays 11-15, closed on Sundays

How the delivery is made.

Good to know
Autumn 2013 we delivered 99.6% of the orders already after one working day. Make a order before 14.00 on weekdays, we can almost guarantee that the delivery is made the next working day.

We normally send your order so that you have a delivery one days after your order was done. Depending on where you live and the amount of orders we have to send out so vary the delivery time of 1-3 days until delivery is with you or on your deliverycentral, within Sweden. We reserve the right, however, to be a can end. We reserve the right to deliver the item within the 30 day consumer purchasing gives us. We can not do this, you have of course the right to cancel your purchase. Or will be notified that the item is out of stock.
Posten delivers for us. Do you live at or north of Ostersund or depend on rural carriers, as it normally takes two days or one day to get the item. The other Nordic countries, it takes an extra day, and in northern Finland up to two extra days. Europe, USA, Russia and Australia up to a few extra days. Shipping fee is also larger to abroad.


Due to hygiene reasons we can not accept jewelry on open purchase, then you are the next customer who suffer, unfortunately. Our policy is obviously to stand for your safety, but you should have to worry about any diseases.


If you wish to complain about your product, you simply email us at info@millami.com and in the subject line, write Complaints and your order number Ex "Complaints 1234567". Write why you want to return your merchandise and attach pictures of the error.

Fiddling with the delivery

If an item does not arrive to you, please contact us via e-mail info@millami.com or call 0736363648 we can begin to track down lost items directly. However, you can track your goods by postal website. Simply fill in the tracking number you received from us in your delivery letter. If the item however arrive in damaged condition you must make to point this out on your delivery and notify it directly on the place. Is the damage of that kind hidden and not become clear until you get home, you will do that at the complaint (see above). When a package comes with the Post Parcel reserve all rights to compensation if any problem happens. When the package is delivered from us is beyond our hands. You have to take issue with the Post, of course we will help you as much as we can.

Unclaimed goods

It seems to us quite unlikely, but for some unfathomable reason, if you missed to pick up the ordered item, the package will be sent back to us by the shipping company. This cost will you then have to pay and the costs as well as administrative services. Regarding Unclaimed package we have a fixed cost of 249 SEK corrected invoice with Klarna or set off on crediting to your card. If you have not picked out more than three orders we reserve the right to turn off your customer number.


Subject to final sale and to an article without prior notice can be deleted from the range. For example, an article sold out prior to the stock levels had time updated on the webshop. For technical reasons, the colors on the website deviate slightly from reality. RGB is a little limited! We measure obvious färgtemepraturen get to get the most accurate color as it is humanly possible. We also reserve any price errors, price changes and errors. All our prices are quoted in Swedish kronor including VAT.

Personal information

MillaMi is responsible for the personal information you provided to us. These data will be used, and for you to be able to shop with us and partly to maintain our customer relationships and marketing purposes. Do you want to make any alteration to the information or be removed from the registry, the easiest way is by logging into your account via the website or write to us via e-mail at info@millami.com
By law you must accept that we save this information for you, which you agree to by fulfilling a purchase with us.


You must be 18 years old to shop with us.


Contact us at info@millami.com with whatever you may have on the heart!



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Här kan du lägga upp nyheter kontinuerligt som är knutet till ert företag eller produkter.

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Det är publiceringsdatumet som styr vilken nyhet som hamnar överst, nyast kommer först.
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Robbie Moor Shirt Tom Indigo Blue
799 SEK
Robbie Moor Shirt Tom Black
799 SEK
Robbie Moor Shirt Berry Yellow
699 SEK
Mos Mosh Ashley Cropped White Jeans
1.199 SEK
co'couture Eduarda Tee White
599 SEK
YAYA Cotton Blend Sweatshirt Quote Mellow Yellow
699 SEK
YAYA T-shirt V-neck Modal Beach Sand
449 SEK
YAYA T-shirt V-neck Modal Brown Clay
449 SEK
YAYA T-shirt V-neck Modal Almost Black
449 SEK
YAYA Jersey Pleated Midi Dress Almost Black
699 SEK
YAYA Midi Sweater Dress Deep Sea Blue
899 SEK
YAYA Boxy V-neck Sweatshirt Light Sand
799 SEK

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Do you have any questions with delivery, payment, fit or really anything, please call or email us!

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