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At the beginning of the years ‘00, Nolita has been the main character in an extraordinary success story, firmly positioning itself in the group of the most well know and influential names of the woman total look scenario, both in Italy and internationally.
Among the founders of a style that in times has been called with many names, boho-chic, romantic-rock, urban-retrò, Nolita has always kept the capability of being up to date and to amaze the market, standing on its own creative process’ basis: continuous research, experimentation, and a surprising blending of moods, materials, aesthetics.
From the most famous windows of Italian shops, to Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Stockholm, and all the way to New York, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Sidney, Hong Kong and Tokyo, since more than fifteen years, Nolita talks to a woman with an inquiring mind, unconventional, capable of both elegance and irreverence, and to express sensuality and passion even in unexpected ways.



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Robbie Moor Shirt Tom Indigo Blue
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Robbie Moor Shirt Tom Black
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Robbie Moor Shirt Berry Yellow
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Mos Mosh Ashley Cropped White Jeans
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co'couture Eduarda Tee White
599 SEK
YAYA Cotton Blend Sweatshirt Quote Mellow Yellow
699 SEK
YAYA T-shirt V-neck Modal Beach Sand
449 SEK
YAYA T-shirt V-neck Modal Brown Clay
449 SEK
YAYA T-shirt V-neck Modal Almost Black
449 SEK
YAYA Jersey Pleated Midi Dress Almost Black
699 SEK
YAYA Midi Sweater Dress Deep Sea Blue
899 SEK
YAYA Boxy V-neck Sweatshirt Light Sand
799 SEK

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