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A Swedish brand from Helsingborg, designed by the wonderful Efty that creates everything with love, which is really visible in the details. The clothes are sewn up in India in a sustainable environment, the staff are fine, the fabrics are developed properly and, above all, no children in arbete.När you wear a garment of Sixty Days will you feel that these garments are created for joy and care. MillaMi is one of the selected stores can have this brand in Sweden, because it is no more than a few shops throughout Sweden as allowed by Efty to sell it when she chooses her clients herself with care just as she designs her own brand . MillaMi are proud to sell Sixty Days online and choose to buy something you will be geniunt unique with the garment.



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SixtyDays Style 349 Elly Blouse Zagora
1.699 SEK
SixtyDays Style 317 Kate Dress Flower
2.299 SEK
SixtyDays Style 307 Tajmahal Blouse Flower
1.899 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 16 34 32
A.S.98 589001 Azalea Iron
1.999 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 16 32 53
A.S.98 589001 Nero Iron
1.999 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 16 36 07
A.S.98 589001 Castagna Iron
1.999 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 16 30 39
A.S.98 515021 Espresso Iron
2.199 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 16 32 18
A.S.98 515021 Nero Iron
2.199 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 16 28 47
A.S.98 528027 Castagna
2.399 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 13 59 06
TED BAKER Tancey Highgrove
1.499 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 13 58 15
TED BAKER Cepap Palace Gardens
1.599 SEK
Foto 2018-04-13 13 55 16
TED BAKER Ailbe Black Versailles
1.899 SEK

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